The Patrol Division has 12 uniformed officers and supervisors which comprises over 70% of the Department's authorized strength. In 2010, the patrol division responded to approximately 6,427 calls for service, and officer initiated activity. In order to effectively serve the citizens, the Patrol Division has made continuous efforts to maintain effective communication using modern technology and equipment.     

All Patrol vehicles are equipped with Mobile Data Computers which link to the State and National crime computers and the Intranet which links to other patrol units, the Communications Division, and the Records Division. This allows the officers twenty-four hour real time information and instant updates. The patrol units are also equipped with state of the art digital video equipment for the collection of evidence and racial profiling data. 

K-9 Unit-

The Duval County Sheriff’s Office currently has two K-9 officers. Currently, the officer’s canines are a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepard. The canines are dual purpose dogs meaning that they are trained for tactical, search, and drug detection purposes. 

The canines are used in a variety of situations.

To search for hidden suspects
To apprehend fleeing suspects
To search for lost persons
To search for evidence
To protect the handler, other officers and citizens
To clear vehicles after a high risk felony stop
To conduct public demonstrations
To search for and detect the odor of narcotics
To be a visual deterrent for crimes


The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of a Lieutenant and two Sergeant Investigators. Investigators assigned to the Division are responsible for the follow-up investigation of felony and misdemeanor offenses reported to the Office. These investigations consist of interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; and compiling a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court. Successful follow-up investigations are then forwarded to the Duval County District Attorney's and County Attorney's offices for prosecution. The Investigation Division is assigned over 1200 cases for follow-up investigation annually.  The general working hours of the Investigation Division are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and they are on call 24 hours.  


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